Crimson Moon's BattleGround - Booster Pack

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    Force of Will, Inc. will release a new Force of Will TCG booster set, Crimson Moon's Battleground.


    The booster set contains 4 new Ruler cards. H4 will now have four types of Rulers with different mechanics. Aristella can [Tag] with Rulers from the Grim Cluster as of this set, and Elektra appears as a Ruler with a new card called Armament. Reunion has a deck that draws cards at random, and Solaris can [Tag] with two rulers of three select types. The set breaks down to featuring 45 kinds of normal cards,15 kinds of rares, 6 kinds of rare/J-Ruler cards, 15 kinds of super rares, 5 kinds of marvel rares, 14 kinds of sub ruler rares, 6 kinds of Rulers, 1 extension rule, 4 kinds of secret cards, 6 kinds of Will coin cards, 1 kind of token, and 18 kinds of life counter cards. Each booster comes with 10 cards.

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