Alucard, the Dark Noble // Dracula, the Demonic One (CMF-077/J)
[Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale ]

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    Set Name: Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale
    Release Date: TBA
    Rarity: Rare
    Card Type: Ruler
    [J-ACT] Pay 0 : You cannot play this ability if you don't control a Vampire resonator and a resonator your opponent controlled hasn't entered a graveyard this turn. [ACT] {Rest} : Target resonator gains [-0/-300]. Dracula, the Demonic One (J-Ruler) [Flying] [Imperishable] [CONT] Whenever a resonator your opponent controls is put into a graveyard, if it was dealt damage by this card this turn, put it into your field under your control. IT gains NIghtmare and Vampire in addition to its own race.

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