Armament Refinement // Elektra: Dragon Form (CMB-015 JR)
[Crimson Moon's Battleground ]

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    Set Name: Crimson Moon's Battleground
    Release Date: 2023-05-19
    Rarity: Ruler Rare
    Reveal a card from your "Armament" EX deck at random and put it into your ruler area. Draw a card. If you control three or more Armament or High Armament sub-rulers, you may contract this card with "Elektra, Armament Apex". Elektra: Dragon Form [Enter] >>> You may reveal a fire High Armament sub-ruler you own from outside the game that does not share a name with sub-rulers you control and put it into your ruler area. Whenever this card attacks >>> Recover target Armament or High Armament sub-ruler you control.

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