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Arthur, Knight King of the Final Act (Full Art) (DBV-037)
[The Decisive Battle of Valhalla ]

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    Set Name: The Decisive Battle of Valhalla
    Release Date: 2019-08-30
    Rarity: Super Rare
    Card Type: Resonator
    [Barrier] (Cards that share a name with counters on this card.) As this card enters the field, choose a card name. This card enters the field with a counter of the chosen name and six [+100/+100] counters on it. As long as your J/ruler is "Arthur" or "Arthur, King of Machines", this card gains "At the beginning of your main phase -> Put X [+100/+100] counters on this card, where X is six minus the number of [+100/+100] counters on it". Remove five [+100/+100] counters from this card: Draw a card.

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