Charlotte, Determined Girl // Charlotte, the Mage of Sacred Spirit - Promo Cards (Prize) (Metal) (Clear)

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    [Judgment] 1U
    [Energize] U
    U, discard a card: Rest target resonator.

    Charlotte, the Mage of Sacred Spirit
    (J-ruler side)
    This card cannot be attacked.
    When this card enters your field -> Draw X cards, where X is five minus the number of cards in your hand.
    Whenever you draw a card -> You gain 100 life.
    1U, discard a card: Return target resonator to its owner's hand.
    • Rarity / #:Rare / CFC-038/J PZ clear
    • Attribute / Attribute 2:Water /
    • Type:Ruler
    • Race:Human
    • Atk / Def:400 / 1200
    • Flavor:With Alice's power gone and Kaguya on a journey to seek the secrets of the moon and magic stones, the girl had nothing but her will to find her way.

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