Shady Agents Card Game

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  • INNOVATIVE GAME - Enjoy hours of unlimited fun! If you are searching for a different card game that makes your game night more fun and interesting than the Shady Agents card game would be your best choice. Take your adventurous gaming to the next level with our funny cards game!
  • TRUTH OR LIE - Created with a theme of undercover agents, our roleplaying card game comes with a set of cards representing law-abiding agents and crooked operatives. The gaming strategy is to find out who is on your side. To identify one another, the law-abiding agents will speak the truth and corrupted operatives will lie.
  • AMPLIFY THE FUN - Grab the chance to play an undercover role! Around 4 to 10 players can be involved in the game. Each role remains hidden from one player to another, making the game much more interesting to find out who's your friend and foe. Use the spy code in our agents’ card game to communicate with your comrades using lies or truths!
  • GAMING STRATEGY - To add more spice, our playing card games come with a bullet card to hurt your enemies and a medical kit card to heal your friends. If a team member gets hit with the bullet than your team loses a point. Similarly, if a medical card is received your team will gain a point! Finally, all the players will reveal their role. If there are odd number players than the team with fewer players gets an additional +1 point. If there is a tie, the team with the most medipacks wins.
  • IDEAL GIFT - Invite your boss to play and build the employee/employer relationship! Gift this mind-blowing party card game for memorable events so your friends, colleagues, cousins and loved ones can enjoy. A perfect game to bring laughter at your upcoming dinner party, bachelorette party, wedding party and more!

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