Reiya, Fourth Daughter of the Mikage - Reiya Cluster Starter Deck (SDR) (WGP)

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    [Judgment] 1BB (Pay 1BB to flip this card and put it into the field as a J-ruler.)
    [Energize] B (As the game starts, if you are not the player going first, you get a will coin with "Banish this coin: Produce B.".)
    Rest: Put a mystery counter on this card.

    Reiya, Fourth Daughter of the Mikage
    (J-ruler side)
    [Flying] (This card cannot be blocked by J/resonators without [Flying].)
    When this card enters the field -> Put three mystery counters on it.
    Rest, remove a mystery counter from this card: Destroy target resonator.
    • Rarity / #:Rare / SDR5-009/J
    • Attribute / Attribute 2:Darkness /
    • Type:Ruler
    • Race:Vampire
    • Atk / Def:1200 / 1200
    • Flavor:A vampire who suddenly appeared in this world with a mysterious castle.

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