Ruler Collection Set - Force of WIll

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    This is a Pre-Order item and will ship the week of Dec 2nd and will get 10 promos and a playmat from CCGPrime as well.

    Price and Quantity coming soon, this will be an allocated item. Based on the amount we are able to get, we will send out on a first come, first serve basis, though we will try to get to all that order. We will be basing our pre-order amount on what we are told we can get, but those number may change.

     Force of Will is offering the Ruler Collection Set, a limited special product to celebrate the game’s first ten years.  This set includes 142 different foil Ruler cards, representing all of the Rulers appearing in the game starting with the Grimm Cluster and running through the Saga Cluster.

    Ionia - $200.00
    Cedar - $200.00
    Portland - $200.00

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