The War of the Suns - Booster Box (pre-order)

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    This is a pre-order product and will ship the week of Feb 24th.

    CCGPrime will add in 10 promos from the past with each order, if you order 2 or more we will also add a War of the Sun playmat.
    If this is ordered with other items from the set, they will ship together all at once the week of the latest of the releases.
    The third booster pack set for the Force of Will TCG's "Hero Cluster" series, The War of the Suns, will release on February 24, following a pre-release event scheduled for the 17th.

     The War of the Suns continues the storyline elements featured in the previous Hero Cluster sets, offering Sunchild cards to reflect the Moonchild type in the previous sets.


    The new set will be sold in 10-card booster packs, and the full set has cards with the following rarities: 50 normal including 5 Basic Magic Stones, 22 rare, 4 rare J-Ruler, 14 super rare, 1 super rare J-Ruler, 4 marvel rare, 1 marvel rare J-Ruler, 10 Rulers including 5 Sunchild Rulers, 6 secret cards, 5 Will coins, 5 tokens, and 15 life counter cards.  The booster packs will be available in 36-pack displays, with each display including one PR card.

    Ionia - $100.00

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