Dark Alice, Manifestation of Rage - Echoes of the New World (ENW) (Foreign)

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    [Will of Hope]
    When this card enters your field -> Remove all resonators in your opponent's graveyard from the game. For each resonator removed this way, put a [+100/+100] counter on this card.
    When this card leaves your field for a non-field zone -> Put a [100/100] darkness Shadow resonator token into your field for each [+100/+100] counter on this card.
    Release the [Seal] abilities of darkness cards and spells you control.
    • Rarity / #:Super Rare / ENW-073
    • Cost:2
    • Attribute / Attribute 2:Darkness /
    • Type:Resonator
    • Race:Wanderer
    • Atk / Def:500 / 500
    • Flavor:"No more waiting. I'm finally going to do what I want. Let's go, Schrodinger, massacre mode!" "Meow~" - Dark Alice and Schrodinger

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