Frayla // Frayla, the Revolutionist (RCS-068 JR)
[10th Anniversary: Ruler Collection Set ]

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    Set Name: 10th Anniversary: Ruler Collection Set
    Release Date: TBA
    Rarity: Ruler Rare
    Card Type: Ruler
    [Judgement] BB 1 [Energize] B At the end of your turn -> You may put target Dark Elf from your graveyard into your hand. If you do, this card deals 300 damage to you. Frayla, the Revolutionist (J-ruler Side) When this card enters the field -> Put target Dark Elf from your graveyard into the field. Whenever this card attacks -> Another target Dark Elf you control gains [+400/+400] and [Swiftness] until end of turn. R: This card gains [Swiftness] until end of turn. RB: This card deals 100 damage multiplied by the number of Dark Elves you control to your opponent.

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