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Glorius, Masked Crusader // Faria, Ruler of Divine Beasts (Uber Rare) (LEL-058 JR)
[Legacy Lost ]

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    Set Name: Legacy Lost
    Release Date: 2016-12-09
    Rarity: Uber Rare
    Card Type: Ruler
    [Judgment] 1WG [Energize] WG (As the game starts, if you are not the player going first, you get a will coin with " Banish this coin: Produce W or G.") Discard a card with [Inheritance]: Draw a card. Play this ability only during your turn and only once per turn. Faria, Ruler of Divine Beasts (J-ruler side) When this card enters your field -> Put the top card of your magic stone deck into your field. Each turn, you may play your first [Inheritance] ability without paying its cost. You still discard that card. God's Art {Pricia's Spirit Wind} 0 : This card gains [Barrier] until end of turn. Play God's Art {Pricia's Spirit Wind} only once per game.

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