HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD Coffee Table Art Book with Slipcase

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    Finally! Now you can own the complete collection of Matt Busch’s hand-painted box office cadavers! This beautiful hardcover art book is over 200 pages and comes in a gorgeous leatherette slipcase.

    Imagine the looks on people’s faces when they pick this book up on your living room coffee table and start flipping through. There has never been a better conversation starter.

    The book also includes hundreds of rare and never-before-seen photos, sketches, alternate versions of paintings, step-by-step tutorials, and a gallery of Busch’s other undead masterpieces from licensed properties like The Walking Dead and Night of the Living Dead.

    See more about the incredible book in this video on the Hollywood-is-Dead Kickstarter Campaign, where the book was initially funded!

    Perfect for the zombie lover, the art book collector, or the movie poster connoisseur you know. This book is already a favorite among collectors!

    - $60.00

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