Judgement of the Rogue Planet - PreRelease Kit (Preorder)

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    This is a pre-order product and will ship the week of November 17th.

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    Judgment of the Rogue Planet wraps up the Hero Cluster series with a focus on Solaris Rulers and Cocoon Rulers, introducing new strategic options to the game.  The cards in this set are designed to work with a variety of deck strategies while adding more support to Rulers from the Hero Cluster and characters from previous sets as well.

    The new set will include 50 Normal cards with 5 new magic stones, 30 Rare, 8 Ruler/J-Ruler, 15 Super Rare, 5 Marvel Rare, and 1 Extension Rare, plus 6 Secret Cards, 15 Token Cards, and 20 reprint Special Magic Stones.  It will be sold in 10-card packs, available in 36-pack display boxes.  Each display box from the first printing will also have a special PR card.

    - $230.00

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