Memory of Worlds // Recorder of Worlds (Secret) (TUS-SEC5 JR)
[The Underworld of Secrets ]

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    Set Name: The Underworld of Secrets
    Release Date: TBA
    Rarity: Secret
    Card Type: Ruler
    [Quickcast] Choose one: - Remove target spell from the game. Its owner may play it from their removed area. - Remove target spell that was not played from a hand from the game. If you do, you may contract this card with "Reflect, Resident of Wanderers' Castle". [Mastery] "Reflect, Resident of Wanderers' Castle" Recorder of Worlds This card has "Reflect, Resident of Wanderers' Castle" in addition to its other names. Put a magic counter on a J/ruler you control: Choose one. Play this ability only during your turn and only once per turn; - Target J/resonator gains [+600/+600], [Eternal] and [Barrier] until end of turn. - Draw a card. - Recover target entity.

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