Milest (MSW-026 RR/JR)
[The Magic Stone War - Zero ]

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    Set Name: The Magic Stone War - Zero
    Release Date: 2021-02-26
    Rarity: Ruler Rare
    Card Type: Ruler
    [Judgement] RR1 [Tag] (Six Sages) - You may start the game with this ruler and another ruler with [Tag] (Six Sages) that doesn't share a name with this card. Put both in your ruler area. At the beginning of the main phase of your first turn >>> Produce R. Your J-ruler gains [Swiftness]. [Rest]: This card deals 200 damage to target player or J/resonator. J-ruler [Swiftness] [Enter] >>> This card deals damage equal to its ATK to each J/resonator your opponent controls. This card gains [+300/0] for each card in your hand.

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