Millium, Successor of the Dragon Crest // Millilum, the Sacred Dragon (RCS-059 JR)
[10th Anniversary: Ruler Collection Set ]

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    Set Name: 10th Anniversary: Ruler Collection Set
    Release Date: TBA
    Rarity: Ruler Rare
    Card Type: Ruler
    [Judgment] 5WU. You may pay 1 less to play this ability for each four dragon power counters on this card. [Energize] WU Whenever you roll one or more dice using [Force] -> Put a dragon power counter on this card. Millilum, the Sacred Dragon (J-ruler side) [Flying] As this card enters your field, [Force] X, where X is the number of dragon power counters on this card. This card enters your field with Y [+100/+100] counters on it, where Y is the result of the roll. When this card enters your field -> If there are forty or more [+100/+100] counters on this card, destroy all J/resonators your opponent controls.

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