Pricia (SDAO2-028)
[Alice Origin II Starter Deck ]

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    Set Name: Alice Origin II Starter Deck
    Release Date: 2020-02-21
    Rarity: Starter Exclusive
    Card Type: Ruler
    [Stranger]10 (You may begin the game with a Stranger deck of exactly ten (Stranger) resonators. You may not have more than two copies of any card in your Stranger deck.) [Judgment] GGR [Energize] RG Whenever a wind regalia enters the field under your control -> Choose one, if the regalia is "Claw of the Sacred Beast", choose up to two instead - Choose a card from your Stranger deck at random and put it into your hand; or put a [600/600] wind Beast resonator token into the field; or put two friendship counters on this card; or you may pay [0] to do judgment until end of turn.

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