Seven Lands' Fairy Tale: A Chapter of Betrayal (CST-A&V-XR)
[Clash of the Star Trees ]

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    Set Name: Clash of the Star Trees
    Release Date: 2023-09-08
    Rarity: XR
    Card Type: Ruler
    [Extension Rule] (This card cannot be in any deck. You can only have up to one card in your extension rule area. You may start the game with this card in your extension rule area. If you do, apply the following text until end of game.) Rulers you own named "Valentina, Plotting Lord of the Seas" and/or "Girl in Twilight Garb" gain Betrayer in addition to their other races everywhere and have " [Tag] (Betrayer)" everywhere. God's Art “The Final Betrayal ” 14: If you control a J-ruler named “Overlord of the Seven Lands, Valentina” and a J-ruler named “Dark Alice, Maiden of Slaughter”, this card gains "At the beginning of your next turn >>> You win the game.". Play this ability only during your turn and only if you pay its activation cost with will produced by regalia you control. Apply the effects of this card already during deck construction and setup.

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