Summon the Charger of War! // Ifrit Glass Chronogear (TWS-SEC2 JR)
[The War of the Suns ]

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    Set Name: The War of the Suns
    Release Date: 2023-02-24
    Rarity: Secret
    Card Type: Ruler
    Target J/resonator you control deals damage equal to its ATK to target player or J/resonator. If you control three or more magic stones, you may contract this card with "Chevaleresse Acht, Thousand Blades". Ifrit Glass Chronogear [Swiftness] [Flying] J/resonators you control that dealt damage to your opponent this turn gain "War" until end of turn. J/resonators you control gain [+400/+400] as long as this card has "War". [Enter] >>> Recover all resonators with "War" you control.

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