The Army Painter Mega Paint Set 3 Bundle with Wet Palette

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  • COMPLETE SET OF 50 WARGAMER MINIATURE PAINTS + WET PALETTE - This bundle includes 39 non toxic acrylic miniatures paints, 5 metallics, 4 Quickshade washes and 2 effects paints; 1 triangular-handled Regiment detail paint brush, along with our Wet Palette with 2 Hydro Foams and 50 Hydro Sheets
  • FANTASTIC CONSISTENCY AND COLOR PIGMENT - Each bottle in this plastic model paint set is 0.6 oz/18 ml. They are not too thick and not too watery; offers great quality coverage and usability with just the right viscosity, making it easy to manipulate and work with
  • SAVE YOUR ACYRILIC MINIATURE PAINTS FOR LATER - Keep your paints from drying out fast. The Army Painter Wet Palette always keeps them fresh and ready for your next painting session.
  • EASY-TO-SQUEEZE DROPPER BOTTLE - The dropper cap system enables you to administer the exact amounts of paint you need without having to open the lid all the time. This ergonomic design prevents wastage and drying out the paint even when left opened while you’re painting miniatures
  • FOR BEGINNERS AND VETERANS ALIKE - This superb and popular miniatures paint set for warhammer 40k figures, reaper miniatures, battletech miniature and other wargame models, includes the best possible quality paints, metallics and washes available today that can be used by wargame painters of all levels
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