The Flight of the Demon Sword // Laevateinn Chronogear (NWE-098 JR)
[A New World Emerges ]

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    Set Name: A New World Emerges
    Release Date: 2022-08-26
    Rarity: Ruler Rare
    Card Type: Ruler
    [Quickcast] Destroy target non-magic stone entity. Play this card only if you pay its cost with will produced by Gear Entities. If you control in the field and own revealed outside the game a combined number of seven or more Gears, you may contract this card with "Eins". Laevateinn Chronogear [Enter] >>> You may put any number of Gears you own revealed outside the game that don't share a name into the field. Whenever this card attacks >>> You may destroy target non-magic stone entity.

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