The Origin of the Seven Lands (MC02-001)
[Memoria Collection 02 ]

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    Set Name: Memoria Collection 02
    Release Date: 2023-09-08
    Rarity: Promo
    Card Type: Addition
    1, reveal this card from your hand: You may reveal a card you own from outside the game and keep it revealed until end of game. Produce one will of an attribute shared with that card. Play this ability only during your turn, only once per turn, and only if you didn't play activate abilities of cards named "The Origin of the Seven Lands" from your hand this turn. [Enter] >>> If you own cards named "Faria", "Melgis", "Pricia", "Valentina", "Machina", "Rezzard", and "Arla" and they all are revealed outside the game, for each of them put a resonator token copy of their J-ruler side into the field, without copying the J-ruler type. You may pay 0 to play God's Art abilities of your J-ruler.

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