The Sword of Progression // Genesis Chronogear (TWS-SEC4 JR)
[The War of the Suns ]

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    Set Name: The War of the Suns
    Release Date: 2023-02-24
    Rarity: Secret
    Card Type: Ruler
    Choose up to X, where X is the number of times you already played a card named "The Sword of Progression" this game. You must choose options in chronological order without skipping any option, beginning with the first option. (So the fourth option can only be chosen if X is 4 or more.) If you do not control a card named "Magog, Artificial Eclipse", remove this card from the game as it resolves; - Draw a card. - Cancel target spell. - Return target resonator or addition to its owner's hand. - You may contract this card with "Ulga, Eclipser". Genesis Chronogear [Precision] [Flying] [Pierce] [Eternal] [Barrier] [Enter] >>> Recover up to two magic stones you control. Whenever this card blocks >>> Recover it.

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