Ally of the Black Moon // Eternal Vampire, Mikage Seijuro - Promo Cards (Prize) (Metal) (Clear)

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    [Judgment] 1BB
    [Energize] B (As the game starts, if you are not the player going first, you get a will coin with "Banish this coin: Produce B.")
    B: This card deals 100 damage to target resonator. Put a blood counter on this card.

    Eternal Vampire, Mikage Seijuro
    (J-ruler side)
    [Imperishable] [Flying]
    Remove a blood counter from this card: Choose one - Target J/resonator gains [-100/-100] until end of turn; or this card gains [+200/0] until end of turn; or you gain 200 life; or put a [+100/+100] counter on target Vampire resonator.
    • Rarity / #:Rare / SDL5-001/J PZ Clear
    • Attribute / Attribute 2:Darkness /
    • Type:Ruler
    • Race:Wanderer Vampire
    • Atk / Def:900 / 900
    • Flavor:An ancient ally of Lapis, possibly the oldest Vampire.

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