Machina, the Machine Lord // Machina, the Mechanical Emperor - The Seven Kings of the Lands (SKL) (Foreign)

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    [J-ACT] 4.
    X: Search your main deck for an addition or resonator with total cost X or less with no attribute, reveal it and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your main deck. Play this ability only once per turn.

    Machina, the Mechanical Emperor (J-ruler)

    When this card enters your field, you may put up to three resonators and/or additions with no attribute from your hand into your field.
    Banish a resonator with no attribute: Prevent all damage that would be dealt to this card until end of turn.
    God's Art {Invincible Soldiers} 3: Resonators with no attribute you control cannot be destroyed this turn. (Play God's Art only once per game.)
    • Rarity / #:Rare / SKL-087/J
    • Cost:0
    • Attribute / Attribute 2:Void /
    • Type:Ruler
    • Race:Seven Kings
    • Atk / Def:800 / 800

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