The Army Painter Tool & Accessory Rack (2021)

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    Every wargamer needs tools, glue & accessories to prepare and assemble their models before painting. The Army Painter is extremely proud to debut the complete Tools & Accessory racking system. We have spent months researching and designing the perfect range that combines innovative, new products and the old `must haves` - it`s as good as it gets! Contains 3 of each tool, 3 of each Tuft, 6x Super Glue, 6x Plastic Glue, 4x Basing Glue, 3x Cutting Mats, 3x Hobby Tool Kits, 3x Battlefield Basing Sets and 2x of each of the 8 Battlefield Basing materials. New for 2021, this rack replaces the TAP TL5048 Magic Super Glue Activator with TAP TL5054 Masterclass Drybrush Set. The Army Painter would like to remind our customer base that selling on Amazon or other 3rd party online platforms is against the company policy of The Army Painter.

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