Clash of the Star Trees - Booster Pack

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    This new booster set will showcase 5 new Ruler cards who can team up with other [Tag] Rulers.  The set will include two Rulers who can [Tag] with Rulers from the past and two Rulers that can [Tag] with past Rulers via the Extension Rule.  The set's rarity breaks down as follows: 49 kinds of normal cards,15 kinds of rares, 7 kinds of rare/J-Ruler cards, 14 kinds of super rares, 5 kinds of marvel rares, 7 kinds of Rulers, 3 Extension Rules, 5 kinds of secret cards, 7 kinds of Will coin cards, 12 kind of tokens, and 21 kinds of life counter cards. Boosters comes with 10 cards each and 36 packs come to in a display box.

    There will also be a new prerelease kit available with this set.  The kits come with 72 special packs, 12 copies of a special PR card, 2 playmats, 50 copies of basic magic stones, 12 Ruler cards, and 12 Contract cards.

    - $4.50

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