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  • THE PERFECT FAMILY FUN CARD GAME - If you like fun games or weird games, order Tapeworm! Tapeworm is casual, spatial card game where people take turns building tapeworms and empty their hands of tiles, in the form of cards. It's fun for both kids and adults.
  • BUILD THE WORMS: The player that ends up with an empty hand first wins the game. Get 2-4 players. The game begins with the laying down of the starting tile of different tapeworms stitched together. The player who resembles a worm the most plays first. Each turn, players draw and lay down of matching tiles, which continues until a matching head segment is laid down, which completes the tapeworm.
  • FOR PARTIES AND GATHERINGS: The player that ends up with an empty hand first wins the game. Bring the fun to any get together with this fun and easy to learn spatial card game. Taking only 15 minutes to learn and a little healthy competition, this game will unite all of your friends and family. This game is especially fun for people who like Uno, Dominoes, and Binding of Isaac. Break the ice, enjoy a short game, and build some worms.
  • CUT PEEK CARDS & SWAP CARDS- This casual and quick to learn card game, you can use some strategy to win and beat your opponents. Use a Cut card to sever a worm segment at play. Play Peek cards to draw a card and replace it with another card from a hand. Hatch cards force an opponent to draw from the deck. And use Swap cards to look at an opponent's hand and decide if cards should be traded. Dig, to draw a card from the deck and discard one from a hand.

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