A New World Emerges Booster Box

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    This booster set contains a new Ruler that has a special partner named Moonchild, which allows a J-Ruler to be put in play through a new moon-related mechanism. This set comes with 56 kinds of normal cards,16 kinds of rares, 5 kinds of rare/J-Ruler cards,  12 kinds of super rares, 1 super rare/J-Ruler card, 4 kinds of marvel rares, 1 kind of marvel rare/J-Ruler card, 6 kinds of Rulers, 5 kinds of Moonchild Rulers, 5 kinds of secret cards, 5 kinds of basic magic stones, 6 kinds of Will coin cards, 3 kinds of tokens, and 18 kinds of life counter cards. Each booster comes with 10 cards with 36 packs in a display box.

    This set will also have prerelease kits available. The kits come with 72 special packs, 12 copies of a special PR card, 2 playmats, 12 copies of basic ruler cards, 50 copies of basic magic stones, and 10 Moonchild Ruler cards. These will be shipped for their August 19, 2022 prelease date.

     In addition, there will also be two starter decks that arrive with this set release: Aristella Deck and Asuka Deck. Each deck comes with a playable 40-card deck themed around either the Aristella or Asuka Rulers. The decks will include a rule sheet, playmat sheet, and quick guide as well.

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