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    Restore the greatness of the Kitara Empire: enlarge your territories through savannahs and antic ruins!

    Kitara is a strategy game mixing conquest, movement, and battle. Manage your cards to plan your actions: the more territories you control, the more options you get! Strengthen your army of Hunters, Cheetah-Centaurs, and Heroes! Protect livestock and crops, move your troops, and go to war.

    Kitara is a dynamic strategy game, full of tension and suspense.


    • 1 Double-sided board
    • 1 One-sided board
    • 4 Faction cards
    • 68 Empire cards
    • 72 Troops
    • 8 Player tokens
    • 1 Cloth bag
    • War tokens
    • 1 Rulebook

    - $34.99

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