Pet Evil - The Explosive Card Game

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  • THE EXPLOSIVE CARD GAME - Pet Evil is a social and strategic card game that will lock you into an intense feud for domination. What happens when cute animals and nuclear weapons come together? Mutually Assured Destruction! Play against your friends and foes as you battle for glory.
  • A GAME FOR ADULTS & FAMILIES - Draw cards, build missiles, and defeat your frenemies. The last pet standing WINS. A game created for 2 to 6 players consisting of adults, teens, or kids (+8). It’s quick, fun and likely to ruin your friendships. Bring home the fun for everyone with Pet Evil.
  • EASY TO LEARN, QUICK GAMES - Not really a fan of board games that last upwards to 3 hours? This game is for you. 5 minutes to learn and gameplay runs 30 mins - fast paced, varying strategic conquests, and conversing and making deals with your opponents. Losing once, keeps you coming back for revenge.
  • WHAT’S INSIDE - 101 cards from rules to missiles to life saving deflects, 1 rulebook, 6 rocket-shaped player pawns, 3 radiation tokens, and 1 thick and sturdy game board.
  • CONTINUE THE FUN - Let’s bring back game night. We make other board games to play with family and friends. From a trivia based game Half Truth to the infamous Binding of Isaac. There’s a game for everyone here at Studio71. There are other games in the works so keep an eye out!

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