The Underworld of Secrets - Booster Pack

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    The Underworld of Secrets will be the second booster set for the Hero Cluster for Force of Will, and will extend the Moonchild card-type.  It will be sold in 10-card booster packs, and will include a total of 150 card types with the following rarities:  61 Normal, 16 Rare, 5 Rare J-Ruler, 12 Super Rare, 1 Super Rare J-Ruler, 5 Marvel Rare, 12 Ruler with 4 Moonchild Ruler, 5 Secret, 8 Will Coin, 1 Token, and 24 Life Counter cards. 

     The packs will be available in 36-pack display boxes, with a PR promo card in each display.  The new set will launch on November 25.

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