Magic: The Gathering - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Theme Booster

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    Theme booster from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms: Dungeons

    Venture into the dungeon and hunt for dragons in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms! But beware… there are monsters lurking! Together with your friends, defeat cunning Mind Flayers and mighty Beholders to conquer the most beautiful treasures. Meet legendary adventurers like Drizzt and discover the mysteries of the Forgotten Realms. Will you bring this adventure to a successful conclusion?

    This festive theme booster is a special booster with lots of dungeon cards in all colors. Because the cards in this theme booster fit together well, building a new deck is quick and easy. After adding basic lands you are ready to play.

    A theme booster contains 35 Magic: the Gathering cards, one of which is rare and several uncommons and commons. In more than one in eight theme boosters you will not find a rare, but a mythic rare!

    Ionia - $10.00
    Cedar - $10.00
    Portland - $10.00

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