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  • Welcome to Strixhaven: School of Mages! In this latest release, Magic fans join the battle between five different colleges at Strixhaven, the most prestigious university for magical learning in the Magic Multiverse.Each college has its own unique personality and playstyle, and players can choose whichever college they prefer.
  • Silverquill (WB), Prismari (UR), Witherbloom (BG), Lorehold (WR), and Quandrix (UG). Learn from the best professors and explore Strixhaven’s huge library.
  • The design of this set is Magic’s take on the magical school genre. Each one of the featured colleges represents one of Magic’s enemy color combinations, with their own character and mechanics. Cards associated with the different colleges feature separate watermarked insignias.
  • This listing is for one of each of the 5 theme decks from the diverse choices of colleges available on Strixhaven 1 Silverquill Theme booster (WB)1 Prismari Theme booster (UR)1 Witherbloom Theme booster (BG)1 Lorehold Theme booster (WR)1 Quandrix Theme booster (UG)
  • Release Date: April 23, 2021
  • Ionia - $10.00
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    Portland - $10.00

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