My Little Pony: Premiered Ed 2 Player Starter Deck

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    The My Little Pony Collectible Card Game is a gamer's game. It's fun, interactive, competitive, and of course, themed around this extremely popular brand. Basically, players build a deck around a character, then try to overcome/solve problems. The first player to reach 15 points wins, but there's a lot more complexity to it than that! Start your gaming experience in Equestria with a variety of packages. The 2-person Starter Set contains 2 decks, rules, and everything you and an opponent need to let the Pony games begin! Booster Packs contains 12 cards, and Theme Decks contain 60 cards. The magic is about to begin!

    Ionia - $18.99
    Cedar - $18.99
    Portland - $18.99

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