Standard Wood Chess Board Set with Classic Wood Pieces

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  • STANDARD CHESS GAME SET: Wooden chess game set with beautiful chess board with rounded edges, and handcrafted Staunton chess pieces with 2 extra queens for pawn protection
  • ACCESSIBLE: Perfect for both family game nights and for experienced chess masters who are actively competing
  • TOURNAMENT NOTATION: Game board features letters and numbers to notate each space, making this chess set perfect for use in tournaments
  • 10 x 10 INCH SIZE: Game board is ideal for use on most tabletop spaces and surfaces, and can be easily packed up for storage when not in use
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Staunton chess pieces are meticulously handmade and are easily identifiable on the board, game board exhibits a stylish, timeless aesthetic
  • Ionia - $12.00
    Cedar - $12.00
    Portland - $12.00

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