Here we are, now what?

Here we are, now what?

by Daniel Rowland new, ramble Leave a comment

Well, I've opened a shop, now what?  I guess try to get people in.  The thing about a Local game store is that, though it may look all glamorous and fancy, it isn't.  This is my second attempt at it, and through some lessons I've learned and all that stuff, i am hoping this time is a bit smoother.  With that being said, and this being my first entry in this blog, I will keep it short. This is for a few reasons, first, I am still setting up the shop and messing with the site, so if this works, then cool  But time is a thing I don't have a lot of right now.  In less than 48 hours I am opening the store for the first time to the masses and there is still so much to be done. In future installments I hope to ramble on more about the things involved with this kind of business, as well as what we'll be doing down at the place.  Or more like I will just go on and on about whatever is tickling my fancy at the time i am writing. Thanks for stopping by and reading, I hope to do at least one of these a week.  For more info though, check us out on facebook, we have a page and a group.  More stuff will be posted there, like events and new arrivals. 


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